About ANTA



Loud, visceral, imposing, intelligent. Based in the creative hub of Bristol, UK, ANTA formed in early 2010 and quickly set to establishing a fearsome live reputation, the initial material forming the backbone of their debut album ‘The Tree That Bears The Equine Fruit’. Since its release, the instrumental quartet have seen a change in guitarist, played countless shows across the UK sharing stages with bands such as Mugstar, Trans Am, Chrome Hoof, Thought Forms and Bardo Pond, as well as numerous festival appearances (including a notable midday slot at Supernormal Festival, guaranteeing nobody on site stayed asleep past 12). The last eighteen months have seen the band’s sound evolve from the lurching, exploratory doomscapes that defined their debut, into something considerably more concise, focused and sonically aggressive.


‘Centurionaut’ is the culmination of a year’s worth of writing, playing, refining and honing. Recorded at Geoff Barrow’s State Of Art studio, for their second record ANTA have created an album with all the fat trimmed, not a second is wasted in its 40 tight, punchy minutes. All of the band’s hallmarks are present: kinetic, inventive drum work, guttural, throat-rattling bass, beautifully intertwined synth and organ lines and filthy, driving guitar. This time round though, the immediacy and urgency in the songs’ execution leaves you short of breath. The album was be released on June 14th on the band’s own Thrones & Dominions label on boutique heavyweight gatefold vinyl and digital download, via their webshop at www.thronesanddominions.co.uk.


A series of remixes has also been released, from Ladyscraper, Mr. Underwood (of ORE), Antoni Maiovvi and Bronnt Industries Kapital, Dälek and Fairhorns. Finally, a live video of the single, commissioned for Beard Rock, is the most recent release in anticipation of the record.A heavy band for whom considered songwriting and catchy hooks are as important as bruising riffs, in ‘Centurionaut’ ANTA have produced the most convincing demonstration of their vision so far.

Guitar: Ben Harris
Organ/Synth: Alex Bertram-Powell
Bass: Joe Garcia
Drums: James King


Here’s what people have said

About the album

“Centurionaut appeals to the inner headphone space cadet and outer sweaty rock ogre equally. Through celestial drones and echolocations it explores sonic spaces, rhythmic symmetry and the spiritual singularity that can only be reached via the repeated application of an unabashedly muscular riff.” – The Quietus
“Centurionaut is knotty, intelligent prog without an ounce of fat on its lithe frame. It’s as if King Crimson sat in a room for a week watching horror and sci-fi movies then got Television’s Tom Verlaine over for a jam.” – Classic Rock presents Prog
“We’re talking mammoth-sized but nimble keyboard and guitar riffs, spiralling rhythmic tricks and the glory of generous gong strikes, but with a terra-bound emphasis on metallic muscle rather than nebulaswallowing
cosmic sagas. Hugely impressive stuff, especially the closing two-part monster Cenotaphium, which at times resembles the threatening organ theme from 1980s TV programme ‘World In Action’ as played by Neurosis.” – Rock A Rolla
“By God it’s good. A brilliant 40 minutes of music… in turn dark, light, trippy, psychedelic, punchy, inventive and properly excellent… tight, economical, clever compositions that showcase some real virtuosity and talent. I love this record and hope you give it the chance to get under your skin.” – Echoes and Dust
“Just when you think you have a handle on where they are going or what they are thinking they throw in a rudimental keyboard plinking or a spacey whooshing behind the music. There are big chunky Sabbath riffs, high, whining Kennedy’s guitars and juddering, off centre percussion that both glues it all together and makes it even harder to get your head around. The sound pulls you under and immerses you inside their madness.” – Louder Than War